Code Description
00 Opening Balance – Initial SEDI Report
10 Acquisition or disposition in the public market
11 Acquisition or disposition carried out privately
15 Acquisition or disposition under a prospectus
16 Acquisition or disposition under a prospectus exemption
22 Acquisition or disposition pursuant to a take-over bid, merger or acquisition
30 Acquisition or disposition under a purchase/ownership plan
35 Stock dividend
36 Conversion or exchange
37 Stock split or consolidation
38 Redemption, retraction, cancellation, repurchase
40 Short sale
45 Compensation for property
46 Compensation for services
47 Acquisition or disposition by gift
48 Acquisition by inheritance or disposition by bequest
Issuer Derivatives
Code Description
50 Grant of options
51 Exercise of options
52 Expiration of options
53 Grant of warrants
54 Exercise of warrants
55 Expiration of warrants
56 Grant of rights
57 Exercise of rights
58 Expiration of rights
59 Exercise for cash
3rd Party Derivatives
Code Description
70 Acquisition of disposition (writing) of third party derivative
71 Exercise of third party derivative
72 Other settlement of third party derivative
73 Expiration of third party derivative
Code Description
90 Change in the nature of ownership
97 Other
99 Correction of information